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Singular is my first narrative story book–it’s about the world from the widest spaces to the smallest things and the sense that all things are connected even if we’re not sure how.

It’s the illustrated version of the story that I tell myself–using the kind of images I like to show myself. It’s about how everything, from the fundamental to the trivial, is connected. It’s a single picture spread over 3 chapters and 40-ish pages, a description of the arrangement that encases us all.


From the back cover:

“I don’t normally do this kind of thing.

Singular is a grainy overview of the gears and facets that shape the universe based on a simple premise: that the awareness inside you is the only thing you can be sure is actually real. Singular traces the edges and centers of our existence to find we are more than neighbors.

We are Singular.”



Storybook | 44 pages


Written and Illustrated by Chris von Szombathy.

Edited by Kennedy Telford and Kim Mulder.

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