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Chris’ artwork combines elements of graphic design and commercial artwork to create pieces that are appealing in their form and alienating in their sentiment.

Products and advertising bait our desire and manipulate our security through insinuation and context. As products of his primary culture Chris uses these kinds of devices to illustrate and narrate his own discomfort.

Sugars and fats, character trademarks and logos, and consumer demographics are examples of the physical, representational, and social relationships of contemporary commercial culture. These distillations contextualize our lives as ones of satisfaction. This leverage pulls us away from primary positions at the base of our awareness: at one end of our human experience is the unknown and eternal question–and at the other bubble-gum and the packaging it comes in. The distractions and performance of commercial market culture require that the realities they exist in remain obscured to function.

These ideas tie in with his lifelong experiences with panic disorder as well–a condition that creates its own refractions of anxiety and comfort.

Based in Vancouver BC, Chris is a first-generation Canadian of mixed Japanese and European descent. Since 2014 he’s been running YupLook with Jasmine Lukuku: a creative agency that does identity and graphic design. He’s currently a member of the music collective Apparatus and founding member of Jazz for Robots–a free-jazz/noise group.

His diverse body of work has resulted in things like poetry books, award-winning music videos, a Top 5 single on national radio, a Gourmand nomination for a Japanese cookbook, and a host of highly diverse clients.

He enjoys studying music theory and loves his chihuahua. He loves cola but tries not to drink it and misses cigarettes. He loves bird-watching, smelling flowers, and hanging out close to water.


Solo Publications

2023: Singular, YupZone
2019: Shrouds, YupZone
2014: 1000 Ducks, YupZone
2011: Esophagus Now, Publication Studios
2008: Fire Away, Drawn & Quarterly
2001: 364 Unorthodox Cat Names, S/P

Selected Publications

2020: Spirits of the Coast, Royal BC Museum
2018: Otaku Life, Sendpoint (CH)
2012: New Design, LNPress (CH)
2011: S.A.S, Bad Boy Bookclub (CA)
2011: We Give a Shit Because We Care, Publication Studios (US/ CA)
2011: Package 2, Gestalten (DE)
2010: Mutante Trineo, Trineo (ES)
2009: Gutter,TV Books (US)
2008: Fire Away (solo), Drawn & Quarterly (CA) 2008: the Make, Anteism (CA)


2023: 4/1000 Ducks, 4x4on5th, Vancouver
2018: Hot Torta (w/Ehren Salazar), Toast Collective, Vancouver

2012: Love is in the Error (w/ Drew Shaffer), Catalog Gallery, Vancouver
2012: Parlour Tricks are for Kids, Good Luck Gallery, Vancouver
2011: Esophagus Now, UNIT/Pitt Project, Vancouver
2006: Good God!, WRKS DVSN Gallery, Vancouver

Selected Group Shows

2013: Projectile Vomit, Fuse, VAG, Vancouver

2012: Get In Where You Fit In, W2, Vancouver
2012: DTES: SAG, Gallery Gachet, Vancouver
2011: Ill Repute, UNIT/Pitt Project , Vancouver 2011: Post-it 7, GR2, Los Angeles
2011: Zine Machine, Museum London, London Ont. 2011: La Noche de los Libros Mutantes, DFest, Madrid
2010: the Cheaper Show 9, W2, Vancouver
2009: Junk in theTrunk, GR2, Los Angeles
2007: Fecalface’s 7.5, 111 Minna, San Francisco 2004: Free Jazz Pinball, the Or Gallery, Vancouver

Selected Albums

2020: YupZone EP, YupZone

2016: 100 Duck Calls: 1000 Ducks Companion
2015: The Taste of a New Generation, AAA (Squiggle Dot)
2014: Fruit, AAA (Elestial Sound)
2013: ZooAge, ZooAge
2010: Good For What Fails You, AAA (Totally Square)
2007: Atlantis, Tour de Fours (Atlantis)
2006: Let’s Prevent Noise by Ourselves, AAA (Totally Square)
2006: Nine Lives, AAA (Totally Square)
2006: Ready When You Are, AAA (Totally Square)


2015–2023: Behance (15 features from Fine Arts, Film, Illustration, and Sound)
2014: Gourmand Award (World), nom.
2014: Leo Award (British Columbia), nom.
2012: Leo Award (British Columbia), nom.
2011: Leo Award (British Columbia), nom.
2010: Olio Festival (Vancouver), 1st place
2010: Stiffed Film Festival (Toronto), 3rd place 2008: Doug Wright Award/Pigskin Peters Award (national), nom.
2007: Western Canadian Music Award, nom.
2003: Shindig (Vancouver), 1st place

Selected Press

Giant Robot
Herman Miller

Selected Clients

Royal BC Museum
Western University
Simon Fraser University
University of British Columbia
BC Translink
Canadian Media Producers Association
Vancouver Foundation
Centre for Drug Policy Evaluation
Ontario Supervised Injection Services
Society for Children & Youth BC
Pacific Screenwriting Program
Burton Snowboards
Lucky Peach Magazine
District Development
Page Two Publishing
Populous Map
Door Number 3 Productions

Artists / Creatives 

Kelly & Kelly
Lisa Jackson
Jacqueline Hoàng-Nguyên
Graham Clark
DJ Kutcorners
Dan Werb
Kennedy Telford
Alex Tedlie-Stursberg
Gillian Dambourg
Jessica Stuart Few

Contact Me

Instagram: @yupzone
Behance: cvonszombathy

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