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Love is a costume, love is naked, love is elaborate, love is simple, love is clever, love is foolish, love is a vision, love is Blind.

The first music video and single from the album Zoo Age from Zoo Age. Directed by Chris von Szombathy and starring Tyler Greentree. Production and Management by Jasmine Lukuku, cinematography by Amy Belling, art direction by Drew Shaffer, make-up by Tracy Lai, edited by Megan Bodaly. The track was produced and written by Chris von Szombathy and Tyler Greentree.

Produced by RXVP and the Siblings in conjunction with TELUS and Public Records.

Thanks to Make Studios, Cesar Bañares, Christina Orologio, John Crossen, Sheila Greentree, Nicole Fox, Kuh Del Rosario, Jordan Dowler-Coltman and the fine folks at WFW International and Fusion Cine.

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