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Shrouds was part of the 10th Annual Book & Beer at the Regional Assembly of Text, one of Vancouver’s favorite and most unique shops. These are t-shirt designs sampled across the spectrum of interdimensional reality.

About the book, from the book:

Advances in technology have allowed us to preserve specimens of these kinds of shrouds from completely closed off areas of our intuitive machinery. For the first time ever we’re getting the opportunity to bring these tri-multiplex dimensional items to the public.

Included in this permanent collection are garments and fragments from both our distant and relative pasts and futures. This includes zones like the Age of Pink Steam and EMOT587, far off vectors like 9,99,1 and Uncool Place, and influential labels like Psss’s and Filthi Animal.

We’re also open for lunch on the weekends now so it’s a perfect activity for families. Try a grey pudding, they’re incredibly forgettable.

–Director of Collections



Booklet | 24 Pages


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