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11/1*, Vol.5: Romie Singh

Romie Singh is a vocalist living in Germany.

#1. Twelve hours of the perfect day or twelve hours of the perfect night?

Lying on my back in an empty field or on a warm summer beach in mid-August with someone as enthusiastic as me, counting as many falling stars as I (we) can see of the Perseid Meteor Shower until we fall asleep.

#3. You have unlimited space and unlimited resources. What will you make?

A decent bed.

#4. It’s not working: try something new or persist?

I’m a boxer. I persist till I fall!

#5. In general; start from chaos and reduce or start from silence and add?

I have to start from chaos; that’s just the way it is.

#7. Pasta or sushi?


#12. You own a store that only sells one type of object. What is it?


#14. What work of yours is the favourite?

I love all my babies.

#15. What is the one thing you fear about your work?


#17. What about yourself can you not trust?

My memory for names.

#21. What is your favourite plant?


#22. What is your favourite type of bread?

Freshly toasted white bread.

*I’m sending 23 questions to artists, designers and musicians and asking them to answer 11. I think these questions give revealing answers, especially regarding creative work. Here are their responses. As these are interviews I’m publishing their answers as they are, fully appreciating that English may not be their first or preferred written language. Thanks to all the participants.

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