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11/1*, Vol.13: Justyna Sarsari

Justyna Sarsari is a ceramicist from Wolverhampton, UK.


#2. What is always worth the price?

Bettering yourself.

#3. You have unlimited space and unlimited resources. What will you make?

My ceramic interpretation of human behaviour and lack of empathy in today’s world.

#4. It’s not working: try something new or persist?


#7. Pasta or sushi?


#10. What is your favourite machine?

Diamond circular blade bench saw.

#11. What incredibly useful thing doesn’t exist yet?


#12. You own a store that only sells one type of object. What is it?

Doesn’t matter what as long as its non-functional.

#14. What work of yours is the favourite?

London Bricks.

#17. What about yourself can you not trust?

My temper.

#19. What is the most important thing you’ve learned in the past month?

Smile and wave! Never forget! Haha.

#23. What object or tool is perfect?


*I’m sending 23 questions to artists, designers and musicians and asking them to answer 11. I think these questions give revealing answers, especially regarding creative work. Here are their responses. As these are interviews I’m publishing their answers as they are, fully appreciating that English may not be their first or preferred written language. Thanks to all the participants.

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