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11/1*, Vol 18: In the Pool

In the Pool are designers Louise Harling and Géraldine Pace, they live and work in Paris, France.


#2: What is always worth the price?

Experimenting new things! Both in your life and in your work.

#3: You have unlimited space and unlimited resources. What will you make?

We would build a big open-space with all the materials we need to work with all our friend and of course, a giant swimming pool!

#4: It’s not working: try something new or persist?

There is few exceptions but most of time, when you’re persisting on something not working, it’s just because it’s not the right solution.

#5: In general; start from chaos and reduce or start from silence and add?

We start from chaos and we reduce. We are a bit hysteric at the beginning, we think about a lot of stuff and then we calm down and chose the most relevant idea for us.

#6. When does a piece fail? When does a piece succeed?

For us, a piece succeed when everybody can understand your project and not just graphic designers…

#7. Pasta or sushi?

One of us is half italian, so the answer is pretty clear.

#9. What two things must be together to satisfy you?

Work and pleasure, simply !

#13. What famous artwork do you like least of all?

Jeff Koons work in general. Mostly because we consider him as a commercial and not an artist. We don’t like his approach !

#14. What work of yours is the favourite?

Our thesis project for both of us : it has been the biggest/longest project we did freely and without constraint. (DJ set for Louise & Frank for Géraldine)

#15. What is the one thing you fear about your work?

Being boring and ordinary.

#16. What habit have you had the longest?

Drinking wine… Is it too French to say that ?

#19. What is the most important thing you’ve learned in the past month?

Always be suspicious with people, especially if they’re really enthusiastic about your work.

#20. You can spend an hour any place and at any time. Where and when?

In the city of Tokyo, at midnight.

#22. What is your favorite type of bread?

We are French ! So don’t test us…

*I’m sending 23 questions to artists, designers and musicians and asking them to answer 11. I think these questions give revealing answers, especially regarding creative work. Here are their responses. As these are interviews I’m publishing their answers as they are, fully appreciating that English may not be their first or preferred written language. Thanks to all the participants.

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