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11/1*, Vol.14: Damo Suzuki

Damo Suzuki is a vocalist and performer from Germany. Formerly a member of the legendary Can.


#1: Twelve hours of the perfect day or twelve hours of the perfect night?

24 hours of perfect day.

#2. What is always worth the price?

Quality, good philosophy, nature, out of this system, nothing commercial (mainstream).

#3. You have unlimited space and unlimited resources. What will you make?

Make own vegetables. Make happy animals. And to have Water source is important.

#4. It’s not working: try something new or persist?

If it’s not working, it may matter if something fits not good to that project/matter. Then I’ll ask if my passion was right, was it right time at right space? Actually everything goes well when you have good philosophy and 100 percent energy of yourself, it’s not matter of perspective other people. Everything what you do is in a way successful. It’s matter of perspective.

#5. In general; start from chaos and reduce or start from silence and add?

Both situations are interesting. Any situation, I’m able to make something in very own way. Adventure, skill, risk, are all well come. To solve problem is much interesting than all go just smoothly. (Because you have end station in your mind before you start.) Process has much weight as it’s living and every direction to go.

#6. When does a piece fail? When does a piece succeed?

Fail, if you’ve done not with your 100 percent plus alpha. Succeed, just opposite. But, it’s not matter of fail or succeeds, it’s the question of perspective.

#7. Pasta or sushi?

Both! You cannot compare, both come from different culture, history, and way to cook. If philosophy (quality) is OK, all are well come.

#9. What two things must be together to satisfy you?

There is much substance for source of satisfactory. Passion, longing, endless… may be these.

#10. What is your favourite machine?

Anything in kitchen.

#11. What incredibly useful thing doesn’t exist yet?

There is always useful thing exists, just we human don’t realize for example… nature, energy sources, etc… I don’t need anything more, I just don’t like to destroy all nature God prepared for human being. We have everything we need.

#13. What famous artwork do you like least of all?

There are many… if I have to choose, probably paintings by Casper David Friedrich.

#14. What work of yours is the favourite?

Everyday’s performance.

#15. What is the one thing you fear about your work?


#16. What habit have you had the longest?

Being Damo Suzuki.

#17. What about yourself can you not trust?


#21. What is your favourite plant?

All plant on this planet has her own mission, why I have to choose one?

#22. What is your favourite type of bread?

Home made, using organic materials.

#23. What object or tool is perfect?


*I’m sending 23 questions to artists, designers and musicians and asking them to answer 11. I think these questions give revealing answers, especially regarding creative work. Here are their responses. As these are interviews I’m publishing their answers as they are, fully appreciating that English may not be their first or preferred written language. Thanks to all the participants.

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