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Esophagus Now was a solo show at the UNIT/Pitt Project. Primarily a sculpture show; Esophagus Now is an interrogation and celebration of consumption, both literally and figuratively. From custom-drawn labels on soft-drink bottles, together making up the words in sentences, to immaculate reproductions of snack food–this exhibition evokes thirst, hunger and primal longing in a fashion that’s both exuberant and introspective.

In conjunction with this exhibition there is also the book Esophagus Now, a collection of three short essays, published by Publication Studio and is available here.

You’ll Always Get What You Want if You Invent What Already Is
(acrylic on board)
Poptimism, Sets A & B
(acrylic on glass, plastic)
8oz Milk
(acrylic on card)
Poptimism, Sets C & D
(acrylic on glass, plastic)
Beginners Guide to Craftsmanship
(polymer clay, glass, MDF, paper, hair, acrylic and enamel paint)
Mini Sandwich Boards
(acrylic on board)
Poptimism, Sets E & F
(acrylic on glass, plastic)
Big Desire
(polymer clay, card stock, acrylic)
Creative Condimentality
(polymer clay, card, latex and acrylic paint, brush)
(polymer clay, wood, plastic, acrylic paint, board)
Poptimism Sets G & H
(acrylic on glass, plastic)
Poptimism, Set H
(acrylic on glass, plastic)
Has Your Creativity Created Your Calamity?
(giclee print)
the Shape of Things to Go
(styrofoam, polymer clay, saran wrap, acrylic paint, inkjet stickers)
Poptimism, Sets I & J
(acrylic on glass, plastic)
Decision Dice
(acrylic on card, thermoset plastic)
We Can Never Be Enough Yet We’re Everything We Need
(polymer clay, tissue, acrylic paint, pigment)